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                                 Calling All Flower Lover's  

      Weekly Flower Subscription - Now taking Orders for 2023 Season 

    Email for more info and to sign up 



Fresh Cut Flower From the Healing Garden to You  (Seasonal)



 I believe that Flowers are the Gifts from the Gods, the Stars and the Great Mother, I believe they were put here to help us Heal.  


I had a Dream of myself being surrounded in a Garden full of flowers. 

 There I was holding a clay bowl full of the most fragrant, and the most beautiful blooms

I had ever seen. 

I was sitting in the midst of all the Flowers , offering my cupped hands out filled of these blooms to hundreds of people that were lined up to receive the Healing Blessings from the garden.


 When I awoke from the Dream - In that moment I knew I needed to create this into my reality. From that moment onward I have been creating year by year another step towards this Vision.


 Help create this reality.

  For all to step Back into the Garden, back into the Child like wonder, into the stillness of the Heart, to be Healed as ONE. 


With All funds going towards furthering this Vision.

 Please Visit The FlowerHouse for fresh cut flowers daily.(seasonal)


your choice of Pre made bouquets or create your own bouquet with single stems


Location :  In Ladner along River Road West just before the Westham Island Bridge on your left hand side (driveway before 3510 look for the signs on the road).

 **Look for the signs. 

* Jarry's Market ( in Ladner )

*Richmond Country Farm Market (in Richmond) 

 Flower Lovers information on Weekly seasonal bouquet subscriptions and Weekly(DIY)Bucket of Blooms. 


The subscription starts last week of July and runs into the end of August -September (depend on the weather each year for exact dates )


                                **options of 3 weeks or 6 weeks**  

please email  - for more info and to sign up - 

 I start to take orders in March 2022 for Subscriptions - 



Ideas for subscription  

* Make Beautiful gifts.

* Share with a friend or family member 3 weeks each. 

* Relators - showing homes.

* Front desk at place of business.

*Just cause you Love flowers as much as I do!.


 Yes We do Flowers For Events and Workshops on the farm.  

 Please email  (note that summer weddings book up fast)

   * Weddings                      * Photo Shoots 


   * Special occasions.      * Flower workshops - Bouquet making, Flower Crown making

   * Events / Parties          * Relators - Open House  Bouquets 

   * Just because.             

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