Daily Commitment to Yourself

     40 Day Journey - Begins March 03rd and is completed                                                              on April 11th                                                


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                               This is open to ALL -


 Transforming your story 40 days to embody a new experience and increased capacities. 


Yogic science confirms that it takes 40 days to fully develop a new life prompting habit. - to drop current destructive habits that are no longer serving.  

 Through this 40 days you will not only challenge your mind but the whole self -  

strengthen your body, mind and spirit, reduce stress, bring a deep sense of awareness to thought patterns, unburden your mind, develop or strengthen your meditative and yogic practice at home.   


The 40 day challenge will be done through video with Sat Mukh as your teacher - with this you have the flexibility when you participate regardless of your schedule or where you live in the world.  


* for those of you that live here we will be gathering together at SacredRoots on the farm for an in person class at the half way mark March 22nd Sunday @ 10AM and then again on The last day April 11th Saturday @ 10AM for the completion.


 To sign up please contact through email.





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