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           "Let your soul be awakened 

          to the strengths of the Women

               and the Blessings of the  


    The journey of pregnancy will transform forever your life, your identity, your reality and your future.


 The impact of your hormones will reshape your body, scramble your emotions and test your mind.

 Pregnancy Yoga and meditation offers ways to deeply connect within yourself and to the soul growing within you. To experience birthing even in its challenging or intense moments, as natural, "doable," and welcoming.


 Pregnancy Yoga trains a Woman's mind, body and spirit for the experience of birth.  Where the mother can move beyond stress and fear; to a place that she and she alone knows how to do this pregnancy, a place where her body and mind can surrender in trust and allow this soul to be birthed into the world.


 In the classes the Woman finds comfort in her body as she stretches, tones and relaxes the mind, the emotions and the body.  Helping to make more room in the Mother's body for her ever growing Baby.


 My goal is to be there to support you on this sacred and precious journey of awareness and transformation as you breathe and relax during the process of birthing your child.


 Everything you experience, see, hear, or expose yourself to plays apart in your childs development


     " As a Woman lives so shall she birth "

Join me every Monday night @ 5:30pm

 Much Love,


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