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 40day (Sadhana) Meditation Journey 



From the moment I walk into Sara's home, I feel grounded, calm and alive.  The yoga practice has filled me with a sense of peace that I have never previously experienced.  I am better able to cope with life stressors and to enjoy moments of joy and love.   After recently completing the 40 day meditation challenge, I feel more self aware.  As I moved through the initial challenging stages, I was filled with increased confidence and enjoyment of everyday life miracles.   I feel like this practice helped with the next level of awakening and it was exactly what I needed in my life.   I have an increased awareness of my thought patterns and have begun breaking through some habits which were impending my overall health, wellness and growth.  I am so grateful for Sara and for all this practice has brought to my life and cannot wait to see what is next. 

Shannon - 90days and beyond

“When I joined the 50 day meditation challenge I thought I must be crazy - adding another ’to do’ to my giant list that included taking care of everyone else in my life-(my family, my clients, my friends..but me.  Joining the challenge was a way to commit to taking time to care for my own well being.  I am so proud to say that I made it through the challenge without missing a day!  It has helped me see that self care is something that must be practiced every single day.  I am feeling more relaxed, less resentful, more happy and less anxious and will never ever go back to putting myself last again.  I am so grateful for the encouragement Sat Mukh provided throughout and her incredible care, concern and insight.”

 Jill. 50 days and beyond 



The 40 day challenge was invigorating and challenging all at the same time.

I found some days were very easy while some days were hard. It felt so good to myself on those hard days and complete something I know will have an amazing impact on my body and mind. 

Sara / SatMukh is fantastic! I enjoy getting her weekly inspiration emails and she is always available to answer any questions. She was able to provide a lot of different options for the postures for people at different strength levels. 

I really enjoyed getting together for the mid-way and final-day. It gave me the energy I needed to continue on to the 90 day challenge!* 

Jessica - 90 days 

I have consistently participated in the Mediation Journeys with Sat Mukh for 7 months and can truthfully say that it has given me a new reality. To have a daily practice at home to do with the guidance of my favorite teacher is motivational and inspiring. Every day is different depending on where I'm at in my head and in my body and I love being able to enjoy and witness each experience. While in the practice I feel supported every step of the way while she tells us to relax our shoulders, our jaws and to breathe. She always reminds me what to do at the perfect time and she drops knowledge throughout the practice that resonates and helps me grow as a human being. I love this so much and plan to join every journey she offers. 
Chelsea Roisum - 7 Months and Beyond. 

I have knows Sara since I was a little one and have had the gift of working with her for the last couple years. My experience with her has been profound. Her intuition, wisdom, love and gifts of healing have supported me through massive transitional times and my long struggle with an eating disorder. I just finished a 40 day meditation challenge with her and for the first time in the last 15 years, I feel truly free free, connected and at home in my body. It literally feels like my brain has been completely reprogrammed. I am filled with so much love and gratitude. 
K.C - 90 days and beyond 

Registering for the yoga and meditations challenges with Sat Mukh Kaur have completely changed my life. Having a daily practice that I can follow along with makes me feel like I’m going to a yoga class every day. I’ve found that since starting the practices, I’ve worked through a lot of emotions, let go of things that were holding me back, I feel more at peace and I simply love myself more than I imagined I could. I’m forever grateful and will continue to do these practices forever...there is no turning back now! 

 Chelsea. 120days and beyond 

"We have been meditating with Sara once a week for many years. It's always a highlight within our busy life, we truly love the experience and we both don't want to miss it. As a matter of fact, if we ever miss a class we can both see and feel the results in our daily routine. Sara and Kundalini Yoga has changed our lives in many positive ways, we are truly grateful that we found her and Kundalini Yoga at this beautiful farm. Sara has enriched our lives in so many ways, through her teachings we became better parents and human beings. Sometimes we bring our kids and notice the positive effects it has on them right away. If they are stressed out, anxious or sad, a Kundalini Yoga class with Sara decreases those levels and makes them feel good. I highly recommend introducing children to yoga and meditation as it gives them another tool to be more stable in a sometimes unstable world. 

We started the meditation challenge 120 days ago, the benefits are very profound as it added a whole nother level of consciousness and awareness. It's quite difficult to describe the entire experience in a couple of words, all I can say is that everyone should try it out and see for themselves. It can be challenging and sometimes difficult to commit to a daily practice but the results are life-changing. And who doesn't want to be less anxious, emotionally more stable, more aware, more patient, more intuitive, gain clarity and have a peace of mind? Just commit to a daily practice and you will have all of the above."

Christian and Leonie  . 8Months and beyond

The first time I attended a class of Sara’s /SatMukh was in September of 2016. It was one of the most comforting and warm spaces I have ever been welcomed into. Everything from the teaching to the music and lighting is perfect for every class. The studio on the farm is one of the few places I feel encouraged in a safe and structured space to explore how I feel. The practice she teaches has woven it’s way into every aspect of my life. I often find myself thinking of the space multiple times throughout my workday. The sense of calm and rooted strength she shares with her students is something I hold with me everywhere I go. I had been taking classes weekly until the pandemic. I have also been lucky enough to sign up for flower subscriptions during the summer months. The blooms from the farm are undeniably special; her flowers and produce touched by the hands of the eternal Mother. Sara’s sense of work ethic and knowing when to push limits is something I look up to in admiration. Her vast knowledge of herbal tonics and remedies has been incredibly useful - her engagement reminding each student that our knowledge is our power. Healing sessions by appointment on the farm are also a luxury in the form of a necessity. I seek out her time when I feel I need to heal and be re-balanced. Sara’s commitment to her students is evident in her communication (answering emails, letting us know if there are weather issues, road closures, etc), and for also staying after class to chat when one of us needs something or has questions.


The 40 day meditation journeys have been incredibly eye-opening. I have been signed on since the beginning, and even when I fall off the practice for a few days, I can picture her in my head cheering me on. She consistently checks in with her students and clients, always finding time to respond to our concerns. I encourage anyone who is thinking of trying them to give them a chance. Anything Sara/SatMukh offers is a gift from the heavens and of the earth, whether it be classes, moon rituals, or flowers at the markets. The Sacred Roots studio on the farm, Sara and Gordon hold special places in my heart for always supporting me, and for pushing me forward. Even when no words are exchanged, or there are huge numbers of people coming to join in on a practice, Sara connects with each client individually. She takes the time to listen, and truly cares. Whether you are looking for an honest, challenging workout, or a candle-lit lengthy meditation, Sara at Sacred Roots is the one for you.

 E.A - 8months and beyond

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