Sat Mukh Sara has a very powerful gift.  My experiences with her healing sessions always begin the minute I  turn onto her road.  I can feel the essence of her surrounding me as I drive down her long driveway. She really does live the life that we all wish we had. She is attuned to spirit, one with nature, with her hands deep in the soil, growing food and flowers in the earth around her home and truly breathing and living in the moment. I have had several healing sessions with her and each one has lead me to a deeper understanding of my soul, my health my body, my journey and my path.  She has helped clear the way for to me travel through transitions physically and emotionally through her healing, love and holding space with me.  She sees. She heals. She guides. I am so grateful to have Sara so close and I am in deep gratitude to her for honouring the gifts that she has been given and for all the beauty, healing and love that she brings to the world.


Sara is a gifted healer who possesses a vast depth of knowledge of both ancient and natural healing methods. Her presence itself is a gift and her warm personality helps to put one at ease in her company. Sara is able to effortlessly weave her many culturally diverse healing influences into a beautiful tapestry resulting in a personalized healing offering that is profound on so many levels. The experience can be difficult to describe and is much better to experience firsthand. If you are ready to trust & let go, I highly recommend Sara not only just for your aches and pains but also to facilitate your journey of personal growth & development. 


 Life has a way of testing our strength, capability and devotion in many ways. My life challenges consist of processing the grief of losing loved ones, health challenges and physical trauma. Western medicine did little to help me. As part of my karmic journey, over the past 10 years I have been on a path of healing body, mind and spirit through energy healing and natural remedies. In doing so, I’ve worked with several healers of different modalities and cultural backgrounds; each with different talents and gifts. I’ve even added Reiki to own repertoire.

Even with all this experience, my physical health was suffering and my vision for where I wanted to be was a long way away. Some continue to tell me its impossible for me to be 100%, but I will settle for nothing less than a fully capable body and a life fully lived. I believe that the universe brings you what you need when you need it – enter Sat Mukh. After a single session with her and me diligently completing my homework, I felt a significant shift in my energy level and had greater mental clarity. I successfully cut out pain medication from my regiment. After our second session, I continued to feel improvement and I am more active and capable in my physical rehab. I look forward to our next session in hope of making another significant leap forward in my healing.

I am in awe of Sat Mukh’s capability and I am thankful to have her assistance in my healing process. She is gifted, unique, genuine and a blessing to those of us who have the good fortune of working with her.


For a large portion of 2017, I was debilitated by extreme fatigue in every aspect of my life. My day job was my one priority, so I would sleep and rest constantly just to make sure I was able to work and earn. This eventually created strife with my mental state and I began experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Eventually I sacrificed part of my workload to rest more and seek medical attention. Doctors immediately attributed my fatigue to a deppessive disorder and prescribed medication as a fix. I had thorough bloodwork done which only showed that I was  a perfectly healthy human being. having found no helpful answers I continued to work, but it wasn't long before I had a mental breakdown and was forced to resign from work entirely. 

A close friend of mine recommended that I see Sara. I was completely unsure of what to expect from a "healer" but meeting Sara and being welcomed into her home was like receiving the warmest and most loving hug you've ever had. I immediately knew that Sara was somebody who I could trust and somebody who had a genuine interest in helping me, with the most caring of hearts. Sara practices in a completely holistic way. She could see me for who I was and what I was going through during that period of time, not just as a body which was not functioning properly. Most profoundly, Sara has a gift which allows her a deeper knowing. By seeing beneath the surface of thigs, Sara was able to re-center my focus onto what was important and what was true. She drew parallels between my symptoms and my breath, and taught me the appropriate meditations as remedy. Sara is also a learned Herbalist and often prescribes effective and natural treatments for your symptoms, both physical and mental. After experiencing months of extreme fatigue, bloodwork and doctors visitations, Sara was the only one who was able to set me on my path to healing . Over one year later and I still consult Sara when I need to, and am practically free of fatigue. 


“I was referred to Sara by my RMT and didn’t know what to expect. I was a little nervous at first but Sara quickly put my mind at ease. Sara is a kind, gentle person with a caring heart. After chatting for a while we went into the studio for the healing session. Sara touched my arm gently and almost immediately I felt a wave of relaxation over my entire body. It is difficult to describe what is happening during the session but it feels amazing and very profound. Different images, thoughts, feelings and emotions come and go throughout the session which lasted about 45 minutes. When we were done we talked briefly about what happened during the session and Sara gave some recommendations for me to get the most out of the session in the follow days and weeks, which later proved to be life changing! I would encourage anyone with an open mind and a desire to live a more integrated life to see Sara for a healing session. I look forward to seeing her again soon!"

Barry M.

Sat Mukh is a very gifted healer. I could physically feel where she was working in my body throughout the session. She spent extra time and attention on a benign tumor I have, and worked on making it smaller in size. I have been monitoring this tumor through ultrasounds and sure enough, after my session with Sara, it was significantly smaller in size. The overall feeling of peace and tranquility I experienced during my session was incredibly powerful. I’ve since noticed a positive shift in my vibration and awareness. Her presence and space feels comfortable and safe. Her meditation classes are also life changing! I highly recommend Sara’s healing services and Kundalini yoga and meditation offerings.

-Jessica Screeton

It’s really hard to put into words how much Sara means to me. We have known each for many many years and I always knew Sara was a special person and had a special gift to offer the world. For years Ive heard what she had done for others and how she helped so many lives. It wasn’t until recently we reconnected again when I had a traumatic thing happen to me and a friend encouraged me to go see her. She knew I needed to see Sara to help heal my broken heart and soul.  When I walked into Sara’s beautiful farm house and saw her for my first session I burst into tears, we hugged and I knew I was in the right place. If you haven’t been hugged by Sara, you need to be. She makes you feel safe, comfortable and not alone anymore. 


After the first session I felt some of the darkness lifted from my heart and soul and could finally see light again. We’ve had several sessions since then and it’s been a miracle on what she has done for my mind, body and soul. Sara saved me. I will forever be greatful for what she has done for me and my family. She is my angel here on earth and I’m forever greatful we reconnected and she is in my life again.  

Thank you Sat Mukh Sara 



“Sara has played an integral role in my healing and well being.  Her calming and genuine aura allows me to immediately relax and open up.  Being in her presence and at the farm is a gift in itself and the treatments have put my body in a state to heal and get stronger.  After some initial work I was mentally and physically ready to begin additional forms of healing (such as yoga) which expedited the recovery process.  Sara gives recommendations and referrals which I have followed and benefited from (herbs, other healers, reading material etc.) I have received treatment from Sara for everything from anxiety to accident recovery  to pregnancy and happy to share that I am better in mind, body and spirit than ever.”


With deep gratitude,

Sara is a gifted healer who is loving, gentle and provides a safe place for deep healing and relaxation to occur. A true yogi, Sara imparts her wisdom and supports you on your journey with love, compassion and understanding.  I feel honoured every time I work with Sara and she is truly a gift to me.

Lori Hooper.

U have been such a gift in my life and I find myself so often thinking of u as a light when I felt dark... u aloud me to just be still when everything around me was moving... u helped me on my journey to health and I’m so grateful for that.


Sat Mukh Sara has been working on me for weeks now and I cannot thank her enough . Her healing powers, open heart and amazingly tuned intuitions are most certainly making a positive outcome for myself and in turn my whole family.  My experience so far has been nothing but incredible. I feel blessed to have Sara help me on my new journey in life . 
Amy Henwood.